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M.G.L. c. 208, § 13

Libels for divorce; attachment; manner

The attachment may be made upon the summons issued upon the action, in the same manner as attachments are made upon writs in actions at law, for an amount which shall be expressed in the summons or order of notice. The attachment may be made by trustee process, in which case there shall be inserted in the summons or order of notice a direction to attach the goods, effects and credits of the defendant in the hands of the alleged trustee, and service shall be made upon the trustee by copy. If attachment is made by trustee process, the action shall be filed as provided in section six notwithstanding the provisions of section two of chapter two hundred and forty-six. The court may in such cases make all necessary orders to secure to the trustee his costs. The attachment may be made by injunction, as in suits in equity, to reach shares of stock or other property which cannot be reached to be attached as in an action at law, and the property so attached may thereafter, by appropriate order, be applied to the satisfaction of any order or decree for the payment of money by one spouse to the other for his support and maintenance or that of the children.

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