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G.L. c. 208, § 6B

Filing of action; statistical report

An action for divorce shall be commenced in probate court by the filing of a complaint. Said complaint shall be accompanied by a statistical report, upon a form prepared by the commissioner of public health and made available through the office of the register of probate, to include the name, residence, date of birth and social security number of each of the parties, the name of the plaintiff, the number of times each of the parties had been married before, if any, the date of the marriage being dissolved, the number of children born of such marriage, if any, the name and date of birth of each such child, the number of minor children in the care and custody of the parties, if any, and such additional information as the commissioner of public health deems useful for statistical and research purposes. The state registrar may make such information available to the IV-D agency as set forth in chapter 119A and such other state or federal agencies as may be required by law.

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