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Temporary Orders

Once the process starts, you will need to establish some basic rules for how you and your spouse will live. As in all of this, it's important to be as specific as possible, -- the more specific you are, the less possibility there is for disagreement, argument, misinterpretation later.

  • Will you continue to live together during the divorce process, or will one of you move out?

  • When you separate, will you still be able to keep your home? Two households cost more to run than one.

  • If you are going to live separately, which one of you will stay, and which one move out?

  • For the person moving out, will s/he take anything when s/he leaves? What?

  • If you have children, where will they live?

  • What will your parenting schedule be? When will the children spend time with each of you?

  • Who will be responsible for taking your child(ren) to the doctor, getting them to school?

  • How will parenting work? Who will have primary responsibility for making day-to-day decisions about your children's lives?

  • What about financial arrangements? Will one of you pay support to the other? How much?

  • How will you share your child-related expenses?

  • What are the tax issues you should take into account when making these financial arrangements?

We will be with you and help you through this process, whether you and your spouse are able to come to agreement or not. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, we'll be right there with you in court, ensuring that the judge is fully informed about the entirety of your situation. Every situation is different; there are no cookie cutter solutions here. When we are negotiating with your spouse's lawyer, and when we are presenting your case to the judge in court, everything we do will be with an eye towards obtaining the best result for you.

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